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The "Dimensioning" frame serves to design and verify the reinforcement of wall cross-section - the cross-section subjected to dimensioning is selected in the combo list.

  • Construction joint verification - the number of a joint between masonry blocks is input
  • Wall jump verification
  • Verification of heel of wall

The frame appearance is adjusted based on the selected verification methodology.

  • Verification according to the factor of safety, or the theory of limit states - the last column in the table allows for inputting the design coefficients, which multiply the calculated forces. These forces are displayed on the desktop and are updated for every change of data and setting in the frame.
  • Analysis according to EN 1997 - the last column in the table allows for specifying whether the load acting on a structure is considered as secondary one. This is explained in more detail in section "Load combinations".
  • Analysis according to LRFD - in the case the last column is not displayed.

Calculation of forces and their action on the analyzed cross-section is described here.

The wall is loaded either by the active earth pressure or by the pressure at rest depending on the setting in the frame "Stage settings". The procedure to derive distribution of internal forces in individual cross-sections is described in the theoretical part of this documentation. In addition, force from earth pressure at rest is taken into account when considering earthquake analysis.

Joints between masonry blocks are verified according to AS 3700 or EN 1996-1-1 depending on the setting in the "Materials and standards" tab. The program verifies the bearing capacity for bending, shear and combination of compression and bending. Reinforcement can be specified on both front and back sides of a structure. An additional load applied to a cross-section (bending moment, compressive normal force and shear force) can also be specified. These additional forces are added to the computed ones.

Dimensioning of reinforced concrete is performed according to the standard set in the "Materials and standards" tab.

Several computations for various cross-sections can be carried out. Various design coefficients of individual forces can also be specified. The resulting forces are displayed on the desktop and are updated with an arbitrary change in data or setting specified in the frame. The "In detail" button opens the dialog window that contains detailed listing of the dimensioning results.

Visualization of results can be adjusted in the frame "Drawing Settings".

Frame "Dimensioning"