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Creation of Soil Lens

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Now we model a "soil lens" according to the following picture.

In the "Geological model" frame, we create a contour of lens from several new boreholes, [S, S (2) - S (6)] which correspond to the already created profile. The coordinates of the boreholes in our assignment are [5.7; 5], [9; 8], [13; 8], [17; 5], [13; 2], [9; 2]. (When pressing "Add textually" no borehole can be selected in the table).

In the dialog window "New Borehole", the information about borehole creation is displayed. In our case, description “Layers are generated from the geological model” is shown. If the information is different (we copy another borehole), it is possible to change it by pressing the "Change status" button.

New created borehole corresponds to already generated geological model

Placement of new boreholes

Then, we define a new borehole in the middle of the lens [11; 5] and enter a new layer of soil (red), with a thickness of 0,5 m, using the button "Insert (before 3)". We reduce the thickness of the brown layer (bellow the added layer) by 0,5 m to keep the model unchanged. After adding, this borehole is shown in red and it is not active - because it is not compatible with the other boreholes.

Input of new borehole in the middle of soil lens

Location of borehole in the middle of soil lens

We modify this borehole - we enter a red layer with zero thickness to the master borehole (always on the right side). This layer is transferred to all other boreholes.

Making compatible boreholes

This way the soil lens is generated. For better visualisation we add a new cross section with coordinates [10; 0], [10; 10].

Final model with soil lens

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