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Control Menu - Print and Export

The control menu of the "Print and export document" and "Print and export pictures" dialog windows contains the following items:

Control Menu


Save as

  • opens the "Save as" dialog window that allows to save the file in *.PDF, or *.RTF formats


  • opens a dialog window for mail client and adds the picture as an attachement in *.PDF format

Open and edit

  • opens text editor (associated in the Windows system with *.RTF extenison) that allows to edit the page manually

Page properties

  • opens the "Page properties" dialog window that allows to specify the page style (size, edges, layout)

Header and footer

  • opens the "Header and footer" dialog window that allows to input the document header and footer

Page numbering

  • opens the "Page numbering" dialog window that allows to input the document page numbering


  • opens the dialog window for "Print"


  • closes the dialog window



  • copies the selected picture (text) to clipboard - parameters are set in the "Options" dialog window - tab "Copy to clipboard"

Select all

  • marks everything on the page (in the document) into block

Cancel selection

  • cancels entire selection (picture, text)


Whole page

  • modifies the page size such that the entire page in the dialog window is visible

Page width

  • fits the page to a maximum width of the document dialog window

Page (this item appers in the menu only if the document has more than one page)

First page

  • shows the document first page

Previous page

  • shows the previous page

Next page

  • shows the next page

Last page

  • shows the document last page